“Dear fall overs
of Druydical paths
through Notime
and Yespace,

be our guests!”


30.12.2016 by Ur

I have been learning the Swedish language for the past year. And recently I reached the B1 level of knowledge. Learning this new language was so much fun! Most of the times it was really like a fun game to me, and the reward to be able to speak fluently brings a lot of joy. […] ...

30.11.2015 by BlackMary

And so it was one Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago that the Druyds gathered together in the Druydmobile to take a road trip to the lovely town of Split to Klub Kocka for a concert. The weather was incredibly warm, especially looking back now when the weather has plummeted to 0 – it felt […] ...

04.06.2014 by Ur

I would like to share with you about one of the most important elements of musicality, the phrasing. Simply, I refer to phrasing as both rhythmical and melodic distribution of musical sounds (let’s not limit ourselves just to the concept of notes). So phrasing refers to how we distribute musical sounds within a musical phrase. […] ...

21.05.2014 by BlackMary

I don’t know how many of you read Dud’s last post on his web site.  In case you haven’t, you can read it here.  I have to say it made an enormous impression on me because, I too have a confession to make – in addition to doing my usual Werbeck exercises, I have gone […] ...