Ok. Here it came – with the strong current of the tempest, on the wings of a breeze, in the river of the air flow… the new song! Unwinding the Wind.

For all of us who need some powerfull didgeridoo beats. And some more of the high notes of BlackMary’s cosmic voice 🙂

We were recording for three days in the studio with master Nixsho of Kramasonik overlooking the small people of Druyd. Everything was recorded live in a good old fashioned way. And if you stick to the end you will be surprised by some of Mr Yr’s masterstrokes on his dancing guitar…

As someone once said “They are hammering as if shodding satan.”

Listen to UNWINDING THE WIND now over on the MUSIC part of this page, or on our MySpace Page

AND… you are more than welcome to download it freely and happily by visiting our Reverbnation page HERE. Than you can enjoy  stormy weather in any climate!