Few months ago I came in to Du’s and Danka’s apartment just to find them working on one of the didgeridoos. If (for some unknown reason) you don’t know Du is not only a virtuoso didge player. He is also a famous builder, so if you want a great didge….Anyway, as I said they were in the middle of their work.

I stood and observed a picture somewhat unreal. They looked like they were strangling a strange wooden creature. What they really were doing is putting some clamps to join and fix two pieces of wood that would become a didgeridoo. As I watched them and their creature I felt a little bit sorry for it (didge I mean) looking so bound and mournful. It looked so captured and unfree. And then I realised – this was the only way to make didge alive.

You have to strangle it, suffocate it, choke it ….and in the end it becomes a real thing – beautiful and free.

This short story was an inspiration for a new Druyd song – ‘Valco de sufokato’ (Waltz of the suffocatee?). We’ve been working on it intensively for the last few days. We hope we’ll finish it soon, and we hope you’ll like it, and you’ll start searching for beauty in all things, no matter how they look to you at first.

Stay well my friends, stay well…