In Druyd, Sound is the master of all three elements! It made its way up very quickly. Since the first time Druyd made any sound at all, Sound was there, ready to captivate the unready Yr and me and our didgeridoo and guitar.
It was since the beginning that we started using our acoustic microscopes to listen, and from the little parts things grew. Among many things we could notice, I would point out one.

We searched for the moments when didgeridoo and guitar would tie themselves together. It was the only thing we could grasp at that time, and it was the clearest moment that made sense. Remember?

You can notice that it is not difficult to play in unis, and that is true.  But I am referring more to the sound here, and sound of didgeridoo and guitar is rather different. I believe most people would agree…

So this is what we would often naturally, consciously or unconsciously end up doing; guitar was leaning towards didgeridoo sounds more and more, and didgeridoo was approaching the guitar from its own direction. And by some time, I almost had a feeling I was also playing a guitar, because in a way, I did! Not with my own body, but with my consciousness, through my acts, my wishes, the guitar would change and play what at the same time surprised me and fulfilled my sound emptiness. So a new instrument was made in Druyd, a didigeritar, or guitaridoo, however you want it, but it is made of two separate units, played with two separate bodies. But when played properly, they can sound as more than one instrument. More than two. More than three actually. This great instrument can become a full size primordial cosmic orchestra!

No wonder I got very involved in Yr’s pursue for instruments. I would listen, discuss, imagine, fantasize, what and how this string instrument could complete our sound picture. But theory is theory, and practice is practice, so I could not really imagine until recently when Yr brought a really nice classical guitar to Druyd rehearsal. Yr is not really a classical guitarist, so he never had a good instrument of such type, he would play on whatever he had at his hand. I thought: Now, this guitar has to sound so much better. And it really did. But, what I neglected in my imagination, is that EVERYTHING began to sound better! Great actually. The whole sound picture cleared up, and all of a sudden BlackMary and me started to sound better, and we did nothing different. Well, maybe we did a bit, because now we could hear Yr better. He could articulate everything better, reduce the unnecessary parts, emphasize important, fill in the holes, empty the space – and Sound was there, shining brighter than ever!

Of course, we all know the Sound starts from the player, but this event was a good reminder for me that the instrument IS a part of the player. You know, it motivated me to do my own searches deeper and deeper. I replaced my F# didgeridoo for the third time now, this time with a really peculiar Duende beast.  And for the first time in my life, I got Yr to say after one concert: “What’s with this didgeridoo? I never heard a tube sound that great! What did you do to it?”.
😉 😉

All I can say is; thank you great instruments!