the mighty

three-headed monster,

started recording the new album.

Ahm, the first album. If we don’t count those two songs from the old guy Kosmopterix.

So 9 songs need to be born in this sound reality. And you can imagine it’s not an easy task to spit out 9 three-headed monster babies all within one month period. Of utmost importance is, off course, the monster milk.

But it IS fun. Du and Yr are in their stupidiotic moods. Mistakes, mistakes and laughter. We will share with you some future recorded amusing moments just for enjoyment. What else is there anyway?

So please, keep your thumbs up!

And your ears open.

In the next few days,

in the misty peaceful dawns

when the world is silent and alert,

maybe you can hear some of the freely roaming Druyd notes in the air…