“A blissfull day to thee, mortal! I’m an earth spirit; my name isn’t important… all that matters is that I like you, and that I will help you become a powerful wizard if you help me. Just a fair deal, no more than that… So, please sit down and touch the ground.”

“Very well”, you respond. You sit down and touch the ground, and so does the witch. You sense the earth through the floor boards, and begin to feel one with it, as if you were a plant or rock. The gentle breeze coming in through the window begins to take on a very different quality, as if it were the gentle caress of a mother soothing her child.

You can sense the water within the ground, and from it you sense your sisters and brothers, plants, animals, people…

Slowly, the sensation recedes, but you feel changed.

This is an excerpt from a wonderful story called The Mana World. It is a freeware and an opensource story, and since it is interactive and computer based (made for Linux and Windows), it is probably only for the geekiest ones…

The Dark Umbra

Last night there was a total lunar eclipse, so this story came in a perfect time to reach us all and help us remember why our dreams were so vivid and restless.

The Earth’s body threw a complete shadow over it’s guardian angel. We now honor it’s beauty and thank it for being the tireless dance partner which keeps evoking our passion and emotions.


The Dance

Name Luna
Adjective lunar
Satellite of / Dance partner Earth
Distance from Earth 384,400 km
Age 4.5 billion years
Orbital period / One dance step 29.53 days
Radius 1,737 km (0.273 Earths)
Mass 7.35 x 10^22 kg (0.0123 Earths)

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