This is a day when I will loudly say it’s pretty excellent and awesome to be. To be alive and to watch and hear the world with own body.

The opportunity to work with/as Druyd is a situation constantly on the move. You get a lot out of it, and you always need to keep your eyes open for how to nourish it and help it grow, personally and collectively. The concert in Kopriva, Zagreb on Saturday shows you and lets you know where you are. All our friends, listeners, and supporters are the living progress meter and feedback machines of how the things are really moving.

As a biggest plus, I recognize that a year ago Druyd had a very successful concert at the exact same location, and seeing it now get bigger, better, and stronger after a years time, gives us a solid amount of motivation and fresh energy muffins to digest and give even more in the future. Also as a neutralizing minus, it gives you a snapshot of the current situation so that you can compare yourself with what you had recently been and see how far you’ve gone. Considering this, I will personally focus more on stage fright in the near future. Even though some concerts come easily and naturally, some are still a bit harder on the fear monster. Experience has shown me that breaking the stage fright consists of two things – experience and effort. First is self explanatory, and the second I’d like to explain. I noticed that when I have a stage fright, my appearance and sometimes even the playing can be less convincing. But as soon as I manage to force myself in an effort to communicate with the audience in a successful way, the illusion is immediately broken. In the middle of the concert, the confidence, enjoyment, passion, and therefore the entire energy can shoot right up!

This I consider a most important realization point which is present in practically everything that I do, and its always the same – the amount of effort I put in something, is the amount that will be mirrored back, or multiplied, or spread forward, or punch me back in the nuts, or whatever. The effect is that by this effort it is how I and we can improve. I thank all the friends that joined us and wanted to dance, but couldn’t because of the crowded Kopriva! Thanks to all of you! By your presence, we learn and are given the chance to get better, and better, and better…

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