In today’s blog post, I’d like to share with you the TEDx talk that I had in Zagreb recently.  I think it will help in explaining how I, and in a way Werbeck, feel about singing and why we believe that you really should sing, just sing…

There is just one message that I’d like to give to you today – and that is, sing, just sing, whenever you can and as much as you can.  Because singing is fantastic, healthy and magical.  Singing changed my life and I think it can change everyone’s life.

How can something such as singing change a person’s life?  Well, this TED talk is a good example.  I’m not here because I’m a great knitter, nor because of my knowledge of English, I’ve worked in some of the largest multinational companies in the world but I’m not here because of them.  I’m here because of singing, something that I’ve always wanted to do but had been to afraid to try.

In any case, when I look around, I see that I’m not the only person in the world with a craving for singing.  In the kindergarten group where I have choir once I week, I see that we all have a craving for singing and that everyone can sing.  You’ve probably heard people say: I’m tone deaf or I don’t have a voice or I can’t sing.  But if you hear that person can talk properly then know that that person has a voice and hearing and can learn to sing.  And you learn to sing just like everything else – like driving a car, learning a foreign language, etc.

And while we sing, several wondrous things happen.

First of all, we “melt into” singing so much that everything else slowly disappears.  We don’t think about how we’ll pay the next bill, will we get that promotion we deserve, does something hurt us…we melt into the song, our mind becomes void of thought and we become conscious and present.  You could say, we start meditating.  Werbeck said “the grace of heaven can reveal itself through human singing – a force that can purify, bless, and heal.”  I have a son who has ADHD.  And if you have or know of a child with ADHD, you know that sometimes it can be quite difficult.  Singing is what, in those difficult times, purifies, blesses and heals me.  Because, instead of starting to cry or scream, I start singing and all the negative energy simply disappears.

“The grace of heaven can reveal itself through human singing – a force that can purify, bless, and heal.”

Secondly, as our mind meditates so too does our whole body.  Werbeck felt that our entire body was an instrument.  To be more precise, she said that “our body is an extended larynx”.  There is various documented scientific research that has proven that singing has a positive physical effect on our organism.  For example, singing can lower our blood pressure, improve our immunity, help with asthma, extend breathing, improve posture, in senior citizens it can aid with Alzheimer’s disease and improve sight.  There are even some that believe that singing can cure cancer.

Singing also has a positive effect in terms of social contact.  As we learn to harmonise our voices, so that we don’t sing too loud or too soft, we learn to listen to others.   And as we learn to listen to others, we learn to listen to other opinions which can bring about solutions to problems with relationships.

As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in singing.  But I didn’t think it was possible until I started practicing the Werbeck method with Baldo Mikulic.  I mean, how could I pursue a career in singing at the age of (then) 36 with 3 kids and not having actively sung in 15 years?  But what started as a spark turned into a wild fire.  Because as I began to sing higher notes, hold tones for longer, sing louder, as I, as Werbeck would say, uncovered my voice, I also uncovered what I truly wanted and what I truly wanted I could achieve.  Singing taught me what Paolo Coehlo once said: When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realise his dream.

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