… of unified druyds everywhere, composing and playing and helping new vibrations to migrate from one reality to another. Although I do feel quite inspired, this is not as much a dream, as it is a happy memory of last night’s rehersal. (sory for the surreal teaser, but it worked, didn’t it?)

There’s no way of getting around it, we have been having less collective rehersals during past few months, maybe the least so far. This was a specially big shock for us since we are total musical nerds who love to do our homework (even extra for teacher’s pet’s credit) and practice regularly. But the etheric fumes that surround our instruments and our passions for music are so flamable, that on rehersals such as last night, they burst exploding with the tiniest teases of free rhythms and musical explorations expressing themselves. We have been working so hard during this period of silence on the surface of our web site, that it’s impossible to tell what will happen next :¬) Probably some on-stage nudity, but only as an expression of our joy to play for you again, of course… So, after this period of working really, really hard individually, we are preparing for the concert in Zagreb in January. We anticipate eagerly all our fellow lovers of this world! See ya!!