It is becoming more and more impossibly difficult to describe our tournee du France so far. We held a concert at the most beautiful Souffle du Rêve festival, which was being held for the first year in Saint-Julien-de-la-Nef. With perfectly intense natural elements of burning sun and pouring rains, and above all beautiful and soulful people visiting this amazing place (some 2000 visitors), there was a constant presence of strong positive vibration at this festival. Even though we couldn’t play on the originally scheduled term because a mighty storm wanted to tell a different story at the same time, we played on early afternoon the day after, and everyone was in a very happy and dancing mood.

Currently we are in between locations (which is really pointless to say because actually all locations are between some other locations…), visiting our friends in Alsace, confirming yet once again the highest achievements of legendary French art of wines, fine foods, and fine living. Because we follow on such a noble cause like this, we are once more humbled in our ways of decadent enjoyment… :¬D And yesterday we spent a beautiful spring day bathing in high waterfalls and climbing a high fortress tower in a nature site near Strasbourg.

And after we take another much needed small break from all this beauty, tomorrow we continue our journey towards Mulhouse where master Du will hold a concert at Chapelle Saint Jean. To refresh our still vivid memories, here are a few short clips from our last year’s sound rehersal before the concert in Abbaye Marbach, which is some 35km from Mulhouse, and therefore still trapped near the core of local “mistic naturelle”…