Today is the kind of day in March when you allusively decide to believe that the Summer will start from tomorrow. No slow transition, no time, just an immediate but somehow still a slow jump. This thought is more a naive leap than anything else, but it softens up the body’s grip to warm itself in the midst of all the ice and snow.. And so, turning to this warmth, this light shining, and the generous heat on my skin, and eyes, and body, and head, a gentle caring is felt, which is emanating ceaselessly. Touched by its absolute effortlessness, feeling deeply cared for by nature, the soft air entering my lungs, expanding and collapsing, emotions circumventing, constantly generating experience.

This is a day when I feel so loved by Life, by the kind reassurance of its gentle rhythms. And I feel a willingness emerging, a willingness to let go of that which was, in exchange for all that might yet be. This willingness requires nothing less than a practical letting go and turning into emptiness. So difficult to do, in a way, but this same light emerges from that non-place, calling me and showing me the way.

And I wish to pass my soulful greetings to a man inside these rays of light, who left us behind and gave us so much during his lifetime. He knows who he is :), and is fortunately aware of it. Even now, from the far beyond, his smile and humor is watching over his loved ones, by all the good that he left behind. Life, brother Đuro !


Just fly away to heaven brother, make a place for me, brother.
Just fly away to heaven brother, save a place for me, brother.