Our France tournee was a truly fabulous adventure of most excellent consequences ! We have now returned home, after the many hot and sticky summer time kilometers, deeply magnetized by enormous inspiration gathered on this journey! The Airvault festival Le rêve de l’Aborigène was our big aspiration for quite a time. Actually it was also a bit of a cultish symbol, designated for the didgeridoo celebrities. After playing there, with an amazing response from our audiences and organizers, there’s a new and warm wind blowing in our wings. All our dear friends, especially those who supported us so greatly on this specific journey, THANK YOU ! Every time we play, we play for you !!

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  1. Fabrice A. says:

    Hello ! The concert at Airvault was absolutely awesome !!! I never felt what i felt during this concert ever in my life ! So powerful and with so good energy ! Is there a video existing about it ? Will you do a DVD ?Nothing on internet for now, and i would like so much to live this concert again and again… 🙂 By the way, thank you very very much and please come to France again !