A beautifully written article by musician Bryan Baker has captured my thoughts and full attention for the past 7 days. He writes a wonderful blog, and is a published author. In this particular article he talks about what lays in the core of musical performance, as opposed to what does not. After trying to write on the subject myself, I realized I could not at all easily match mr. Baker’s eloquence and clarity inpinpointing the ideas with such poignant and passionate effect using my own words, so I’d love share some wisdom in his original article.

“… But we are artists, we are thinkers, we are creators. I desire a world of endless perspectives and dimensions, each pulsing radius producing yet another, feeding upon its own innovation, constantly shifting in impossible to perceive but palpable ways, like a thin, wispy fog climbing the base of a mountain, carefully, logically, sensibly gaining mass, girth and expansiveness, systematically rising toward the heavens, becoming clouds, then stratus, then ozone as it calmly and deliberately dissolves into the expanse of space and time , enveloping itself once again into the colossal cycle of the organic…” Read more