Druyd is a Croatian/Australian band that performs world music with an unusual acoustic instrumental set-up consisting of didgeridoo, guitar and female vocal.

The foundation of their music is built upon the virtuosity of Dubravko Lapaine, one of the most revered didgeridoo performers in the world. In the space of two years, Druyd has released their debut album “Dronasand has held around 100 concerts throughout Croatia, Slovenia, France, Italy, Austria and Spain. Some of their performances have included guest appearances at musical festivals such as the famous Maribor “Lent” festival (2010), other known Slovenian festivals like jazz-folk festival Keltika (2010) and opain-air Kamfest (2011), as well as European influential didgeridoo events such as the Italian  “DidjinOz” (2010) and French “Tribal Elek” (2011). The band formed during the recording of Lapaine’s solo CD “Kosmopterix” (2009) when he combined his didgeridoo with other musical instruments. Some of these compositions were Druyd’s first: “Misao iz daleka” and “The Spatialist”. At the “World of Music Awards”, one of the most internationally renowned world music contests, “Misao iz daleka” was selected as one of the top 10 finalists for 2009.

Listen to the first Druyd Song “Misao iz daleka”

A rare and unusual combination of acoustic instruments and vocals form the basis of Druyd’s melodious music. However, the compositions are highly unpredictable, flowing readily through uncountable time measures, timbre and color changes.

Druyd’s musical creations are based on the flawlessly performed didgeridoo that delivers complex percussive rhythms and sound sculptures and the ethereal voice of the singer that touches the heart. The intricate acoustic and classical guitar lines melodically bind the music together into a rich full-bodied soundscape.

Listen to “Daorson” – the first song from album Dronas (2010)

There are several elements in Druyd’s music that can be found in many different music styles – on the one hand, the characteristic “world music” vibe, while on the other hand, rhythmic grooves and expressions that can even be recognised from funky-jazz as well as tribal-dance formats.


The band’s utmost professional approach and high level of stage experience makes their live performances powerful and convincing, and yet sensual and expressive at the same time. Particularly due to Lapaine’s strong stage presence and his poetic narrative, as well as the brilliant vocal moments of Mary Crnkovic-Pilas, the audiences at Druyd’s concerts are propelled into a musical journey to the fantastic druydical world.

Click to watch Druyd liva at Didjin’Oz 2010, Italy performing “Featherdust”


Druyd instrumentation:

Dubravko Lapaine – Du: didgeridoo, bass melodica

Dubravko has in recent years conquered audiences throughout the world with his solo didgeridoo performances. Performing at all the most noteworthy didgeridoo festivals in Europe, he has validated his status as one of the most virtuoso and acclaimed modern didgeridoo artists. Through his compositions, as well as designing and producing new types of didgeridoos, he has transformed the traditional sound of the didgeridoo beyond every preconceived idea.
Dubravko Lapaine solo didgeridoo discography: Iz dubina bsvjesti (2008), Kosmopterix (2009), Dubokobud (2011)
Dubravko Lapaine solo website.


Mary Crnković Pilaš – BlackMary: singer

A singer who is much more an expressionist of the outer voice, as a long-time Werbeck free singing practitioner, a sheer medium for perfect voice materialization. BlackMary is The Voice of Druyd.
BlackMary’s solo website.







Ivan Uravić Urkowsky: guitar, 12-string guitar, Croatian tamburica

Ur is a multiinstrumentalist from Pula, Croatia. He plays guitar, piano and percussion. Devotes lot of time and energy of spreading his already wide knowledge about extraordinary rhythms, guitar techniques and harmony landscapes. He astonished everybody in Druyd when he learned to play all the Druyd songs in one month, and when he could play a 27/8 rhythm with Druyd from first go. Since these first days he became the explorer and analyser of deep Druyd layers of sound and music. He continues to be the one who writes and listens the most of Druyd sonic material. In year 2010 he devoted completely to music, so for most of his days he is in a funny mood and playful behavior.
Urkowsky’s discography: Moving Strings (2008) – rock fusion, The Sun Circle (2011) – piano solo

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