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Krško / Kulturni dom
29. 1. 2010

If you have a fear of space travel and its expanse, you just ain’t ready for it. The Club of the Cultural Centre Krsko for a moment became the Black Hole, or concentrated light that engulfed everything into itself. Druyd, the “Heavy Wood” band from Zagreb as they like to call themselves, played. With Dubravko Lapaine on the didgeridoo, Mary Crnkovic on vocals and Igor Ratkovic on guitar. With a complete production, a relaxed and unpretentious approach, and above all an understanding that music, in Dubravko’s, words belongs to no one, they opened a world of vibrations to us. Dubravko performs so many sounds on his didgeridoo that he covers a whole rhythm section, which for most bands needs three members.

His unbelievable abilities on the didgeridoo surpasses every preconceived idea – his beats and rhythms pull in the “other side” while at the same time bring us down to earth, the ethereal voice of the singer touches the heart, while Igor binds everything together melodically. They all play together – and each on his own. Dubravko has transformed the traditional sound of the didgeridoo, which is no longer just a “tribal instrument”, and yet creates “tribal” worlds. Don’t quite comprehend? I suggest a visit to one of their web sites and watching Desert Stinkyroom to get a clearer picture. An explanation of their musical creative process from a reasonable point of view is no easy task, and in a way it’s something that I don’t even want to do. Which is why I recommend you turn off reasoning, press play and then tell me whether I’m right or not. In between their compositions, we listened to Dubravko’s stories from outer space, which made us laugh while at the same time created jumps in thought, which lead us on Druyd’s journey. This is not music that you merely listen to, but rather feel, you cannot define it mentally. At first glance chaotic, incomprehensible, even with a shock effect, but if you let yourself go at the end as a “listener” you find yourself smiling, somewhere out there, hanging in space. Bon voyage!

by Breda Špacapan


  1. Choć moze to się zmieni. 3. Kocha, Lubi , Szanuje.


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