Du and Yr asked me a somewhat unusual question a couple of weeks ago. “Dear Miss BlackMary, could you measure the wind for us? We’ve measured it already but we need you to measure it too”. Hmmmm, I thought, measure the wind, how do I do that? Do I do it with a tape measure like I measure myself when I make my own clothes? But is there a tape measure long enough because the wind is infinite and has no beginning or end? No, I surely can’t measure it with a tape measure. How about a clock, to measure how long it lasts? But the wind never stops blowing so how could I measure eternity?

Man, this is really tricky, measuring the wind. So I went on the internet to see if that would help. I found that the wind can be measured using weather vanes, wind socks, anemometers, ultrasound signals, pitot tubes and other strange contraptions. But still that didn’t help. Give me a clue guys, I said, how do I measure the wind, I’m at my wit’s end, I can’t figure it out! And then they started playing a new composition they were working on, “The length of the wind”. And it all fit into place. Ahaaaaa, that’s how you measure the wind – with a didge, a guitar and a voice. How silly of me not to think of that!

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