There’s a proverb that says that a picture is worth a thousand words (by the way, it’s not Chinese as many people believe). Hmm, only a thousand? I think some are worth much more than that. Like the pictures of Magritte and Chagall, which I could rave on and on about, they being two of my favourite artists. Or images of my loved ones, especially of my kids when they were very small or of people that have now passed away. Or photos I’ve taken on holidays that I wished would never end. Yes, they are certainly pictures that to me are worth so much more than a mere thousand words.

And so are the band pictures that we recently took. Now, I have to admit, I hate having my photo taken or looking at myself. I was particularly bad in my youth when I quite simply could not even look at myself in the mirror, heaven forbid have my photo taken. Not so much nowadays, but nonetheless, I am still not that partial to it all. So you can imagine how I felt when we decided that we needed to have some band photos taken. But you know what? They didn’t turn out as bad as I had imagined – unless you omit Du’s making faces all the time. But that was what made the whole day fun and the pictures turn out better than I had expected – the five of us, just mucking up, being silly and goofy and having a blast. Yes, those pictures are most certainly worth more than a thousand words – wouldn’t you agree?

See ya soon,


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