Wednesday Du and I played at the opening ceremony of the Zagreb book fair and Zagreb Multimedia and music fair. It was an unusual experience since the audience was uncommon – politicians, directors, managers –mainly older people in suits and ties and I must say we were very pleased with the reception. On top of that there was a laser show during our performance which made it even more special. You can watch us doing Misao iz daleka.

On Thursday we were in Sax. And there is the most beautiful review of it by Horvi (in Croatian) at glas.ba blog. The show was quite nice if we ignore the standard issues that occur whenever we play clubs in Croatia. The smoke, which none of us loves is omnipresent since the government withdraw the law that prohibited smoking in all closed venues. And then the sound engineers that always seem to have problem with everything that is slightly out of ordinary. Du and I insist on condenser microphones due to their better responsiveness and higher resolution but that can turn into an epic struggle in which we sometimes win (both of us have condenser mics), sometimes it’s a tie (one of us uses a condenser mic) and sometimes we just do not have the stamina and strength to fight an extremely mighty (read – stubborn) enemy. Our beloving Blackmary, however, doesn’t have these kind of problems since she sounds wonderful even if you put a broom in front of her. That’s our blessing – if we are not satisfied with the sound of didge and guitar just push Blackmary little more in the mix and voila – everything is fine!

Saturday was again the Multimedia fair day, but this time we were in full line-up (including a tree) and with a full set list. There was no smoke, the sound engineer made us some decent monitoring and hence we felt more comfortable then in Sax. And yes, you guess right – we performed better.

Until next time
Stay well my friends, stay well…