When I occasionally write Druyd’s status on our MySpace site, I often write a poem or a limerick or something somewhat silly and frivolous. But when I look at the mood category, there is a word that time and again comes to mind. However, it rarely fits with what I have written in our status so I usually put “magical” or “well hung” or something similarly foolish instead of the word that I in actual fact want to put. And the word that I invariably want to write is quite simply, GRATEFUL. Because there are so many things that, despite the fact that other parts of my world are crumbling and decaying, Druyd has brought me for which I am more than grateful. What exactly is difficult to put into words. Perhaps the following image may best describe what I was before Druyd stepped into my life…

Imagine that you are a lonesome sailor voyaging on a shipwrecked boat. You’ve been sailing on this vestige of a ship for over 37 years and the whole while have been praying for the slightest trace of land to come into sight. You search in vain, ever looking through your spyglass, sometimes believing that a vista was on the horizon, only to find that it was a mirage, a figment of your imagination. And so you journey on, hoping, that one day, surely, an island will come into view. Years pass without any trace of an island or any land. When all of a sudden, out of the blue, literally, you see a fragment of land in your spyglass. At first, you hesitate, thinking, this is just another figment of my imagination, another mirage. But the land beckons you to draw closer and closer until you realize that no, it is not a figment of your imagination, it is land, real land in sight. And as you draw closer still, paddling with all your might and main, the land you see is beyond anything you ever expected. For this is not just any type of land, this is a whole universe waiting to be discovered, a universe so beautiful no painter could paint nor writer could write about. This is the stuff of dreams, of your most secret and deepest desires, of everything you ever imagined but dare not speak to others of. In a word, this is it.

And that to me is what Druyd is – it. Something indescribable that has helped me get off that vestige of a ship and step into a wonderful universe. I hope you too find your wonderful universe, if you haven’t already. May it too make all your dreams and secret desires come true.