Few days ago a friend send me a beautiful short movie. Since than it mysteriously disappeared from my laptop and from my inbox so I am beginning to think that it was a product of my imagination. However, here is how the story goes:
Two man, the old one, in his 70’s, and the younger one, maybe in his middle 30’s, are sitting on the bench in front of the house. The old man is staring in front of himself looking somewhat absent minded. The young one is reading the newspaper. A little bird lands on the bush in front of them.
‘What is that?’, asks the old man.
The young man takes his eyes off the newspaper.
‘It’s a sparrow’, he says.
The little bird lands on the grass.
‘What’s that?’, the old man asks.
‘It’s a sparrow, dad, i told you’. The sparrow flies away just to be back in few seconds. ‘What’s that?’ 
‘A sparrow dad, a sparrow!’. Son is beginning to raise his voice.
The bird is on the path. 
‘What’s that?’
Son throws the paper on the ground. He is out of control.
‘A SPARROW! A SPARROW! S-P-A-R-R-O-W! How many times do I have to tell you? It’s a f*?#%/g sparrow!!!! A SPARROW!!!!’
The old man looks in front of himself. Sits for a few more moments and than gets up from the bench and goes into the house. Few minutes later he is back with a little notebook. He sits on the bench again, opens the notebook, searches for a certain page and then handles it to his son.
‘Read’, says the father man calmly.
The son starts reading for himself.
‘Loud’, father says.
‘OK. Today I went to park with my son. He is three now. He spotted a little bird and ask me what was that. I said to him it was a sparrow. Than he asked me the same question again, and again, and again. Exactly twenty one times he asked me ‘what is that’ and every time he asked me I told him ‘it is a sparrow’ and every time I answered I hugged him and gave him a kiss.’
Son looks at his father. He puts his arms around the old man and gives him a long warm kiss in the forehead.

You got it, didn’t you?

Stay well my friends, stay well…
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