In a world much, much bigger than ours

and so different that everything is almost the same,

one could hear silence and the roaring void.

It was dark and comfortable

as in Kosmos.

We are more than most happy that Space Chistmas story, another creature from the wonderful world of fantastic beings, is brought to life in this reality. If you are in search of exquisitely good energy, this is for you…

This year we had a brilliant insight that Christmas is nearing 😉 and we decided to give you a present. A present for joy. A present with joy.

So Du one evening discovered the first sentence that has been flying freely in the air of the studio, and with the BIGGEST smile he told us all: “Rinkel Finkel TinkelG Tondo, how would you like a glas of Mondo?”

And than the rest just poured out of him. And our new task was born, and that was to search for music. This was our first “film music assignment”! Yr was absolutely fantastic. He would sit on the FAT BOY sofa in the studio with the text in his hands and mysteriously create a musical plot out of it.

And than platicine! What better job to do would you ever want as an adult? Du and Danka spent their 10-ish days or so with their hands inside of this strange mass producing uncountable worms (that was the one thing they knew how to do from the childhood). And than with the help of some digital magic it all sat in place. And you can lean against this energy and rest. If you like it, we are happy. Space Santa is here!

More on this project coming soon…