At first it was swimming of Mr Yr and me in vast sessions of detailistic playing which were long and very enjoyable, but irregular. It wasn’t until this year that we started to play regularly for a longer period of time and Miss BlackMary joined us.
Now let me get back to the novice part of the story.  Most of our compositions are very irregular, in a regular way, meaning that the count of bars is often different, count of measures, breaks, everything was put in a song to satisfy some special “perfect” feeling of it. So often if I am absent minded for one second (not exaggerating)  I miss the song by miles. But there are far more simple tasks I fail. For example straight rhythm. Most plain, the easiest possible. In theory, of course.

So we start playing, and they stop, saying “Du you are slow, you are dragging us behind”.
“Really?” say I. “I must have been absent minded, I will concentrate now”
We start to play, and soon we stop-
“Du you are dragging us behind.”
“Again!?! But how is that possible!? I was concentrated!!!”
So I repeat that again and again, just to make sure everybody is very sure that it is a mistake, and especially me.
How is it possible that I “all of a sudden” miss so much? I have been practicing with metronomes and rhythm machines for many hours for many days, until I was able to do my own little acrobatic forms with ease. So how come I lost my skills so suddenly?
But the truth lies (beautiful combination of words) in the fact that now I care more about sound than ever before. The resolution of listening has risen. Now it is obvious which sound needs what shape, and where is the place of that shape. And when the machine of a song is started, the load of real time doing things rises higher than it has ever been before.
And I must tell you, Mr Fajt was Right! Playing with Yr allows me to go places I could not go alone. But now, I just take his etheric musical hand and we go.  A dog with only left legs together with only right legged dog can make a new creature and run better than before. Especially when Miss Blackmary lends us her wings. (She has no legs)

It is in very short, this school for Druyds,  just the surface. I can learn about every aspect of earth life in this school. Very nice school it is. I get no grades…;-)