Let us tell you about some interesting things that have been happening lately. And many cool things did happen recently! As you all know, our new album DRONAS is out — woohooo!!! :-DD And we can happily present it here. On Tuesday we threw a kickass Dronas listening party at Medika centre in Zagreb! The sound system was provided by our friends from the Radikal Dub Kolektiv, and jeezzz did those bass and sub fequencies feel good… We had a great time and fully enjoyed ourselves, and thanks to everyone for attending and hanging out with us!

Druyd is also preparing for our summer tour right now. We are starting off in Spain at the Ibort didgeridoo festival (link here), then continuing to the huge Lent festival in Maribor (link to festival site), and then at the sweet sweet Didjinoz festival in Italy (link here)! After that Du is also performing at the Isle of White festival in the UK. We are now extra equipped and prepared to gig all over the place since this summer we will be using an even more tour-friendly magic bus, aka Da&Du’s van. So far it took us on a couple of smooth rides to France and all over Croatia, and we have to admit, it is a comfy, roomy, roamy machine. Then we also introduced a couple of new guitars in the band instrument setup, the pretty little beasts Ur would probably love to write a couple of post about alone.

Still, even if we did manage to briefly inform you about these current events, there’s another, an even more current story to be told here. This is a somewhat strange and beautiful story that quite unexpectedly fell off from a huge tree and dropped straight in our heads. Quite litteraly, believe us. This tree was a special one that grows only stories, and once they’re ripe, they fall off and you can make a tea and serve them with tea. So, we had an idea we’d like to suggest which you might like! If you have some tea in one of your cupboards right now, this would be a good time to go on and put on a pot of water, and go ahead and make some tea. Then it would be our honour if you’d decide to join us for some tea and a special story. The following three dots represent you making the tea, and then the story will begin.

When you are ready CLICK HERE to enter the story!