I find it quite amusing how people react to my knitting on stage. I find it equally amusing that it all started in an offhand, spontaneous way.

I thought to myself, what the hell am I going to do while the boys play “Misao iz daleka”? I can’t dance to it, don’t feel that’s appropriate. I can’t sing to it, that’s not appropriate either. So what do I do? Stare at the audience? Take a nap? Hmmm, maybe knit. So knit I did. Oh, if only I could count the number of eyebrows that got raised! And the flashes going off!
Made me almost fall off my chair in laughter! And the comments and questions afterwards – “was that a stage performance?”, “how long have you been knitting?”, “are you normal???”.

Funny how something that I find completely natural and almost as inborn as my singing can cause the reactions it did. Why is that I wonder? I guess that knitting is a dying art that is done by a precious few (although I did find a knitting soul mate in Damanhur – Hobbit – who was much impressed when she saw me knitting on stage) and is now either classed as totally ridiculous and granny-like or sacred and shrouded in mystery. I find it is neither and just like singing, believe it is something everyone can do. So, on that note (pardon the pun!), here is an online knitting tutorial for those of you who may be interested in the sacred and mysterious art of knitting (LOL!):


This isn’t really the way I cast on but there are at least a dozen ways to cast on! And I hold the wool
with my left hand, around my pinkie, bien sur. Which makes me think, I’ll have to create a Druydical
knitting tutorial one of these days…

And for those of you who are somewhat more advanced, here’s a knitting pattern I found online and
couldn’t resist sharing with you. The name, and the lovely pattern, really grabbed me:


And coming soon – our very own Druyd knitting pattern! Watch this space…

Happy clicking everyone,