On their way to a nature hike, Du and Da’s car gets a flat tire. They end up in an uncharted forest for the afternoon, surviving on wild berries, and some suspicious roots. And sandwiches which they brought.

BlackMary on her way to the rehearsal gets an urgent phone call. Her cat gets stuck on the roof and she spends the rest of the afternoon thinking about how damaging it would really be if she started smoking weed.

Ur experiences slight nervousness when he realizes there will be no rehearsal today and is the only one left to document these strange coincidences.



  1. I don’t remember any sand witches….

  2. Of course you don’t, you were eating orange and purple berries all afternoon… 🙂 Still, there were plenty of witches in that forest, you were very lucky.

  3. I was eating purple oranges, and orange purples. Not berries, they’re Harry’s.
    And I don’t know who sent the sand witches but they missed my wide open mouth for sure. Probably crashed somewhere and got some stitches. Next time, please aim(e) more carefully. My mouth is in the end of wooden trunk.
    And why are you writing here instead of practicing?
    I said it first, and I got protection from this charm!

  4. BlackMary says:

    And for the record, I wasn’t thinking about weeds, I was thinking about mushrooms!

  5. What kind of room is mushroom?
    And why are you writing here instead of practicing?

  6. Are you guys saying that this whole post was wrong? Let’s just estimate, shall we – Du was digesting different coloured objects, and Mary was contemplating various relaxation methods.