Druyd is active and working devotedly, among other things preparing for the concert in klub Kopriva this Saturday! The concert will start at 20:30 in Ilica 196, and our world renown prize winning muffin cheff Blackmary herself will be preparing some of her most delicious muffins, so you certainly won’t be happy if you miss that…

An odd thing, I’ve noticed that noble metals are present in our daily jobs recently, and here’s how:

Silver – We’ve been crafting some silver cables for the new devices that have recently joined our rack (wonderful oldschool Scamp equilizers, compressors and gate expanders)
Gold – Du’s is polishing his new golden album, which we are all exited about. The beast is soon to be released, so check if the coast is clear before stepping outside into the dark night.
Copper – The acoustic guitars have been restringed with string sets made of pure copper! Fierce, clear, clangy, and dangerous is how they sound.
Steel – It’s not a noble metal, but it certainly takes a will of steel to remain present and patient with the endless bureaucracy while obtaining the new ATA karnet equipment list… 😀