Under the lid of a fresh sonic boiling pot, we have recently been trying to cook up some new sounds, never yet heard by our own ears. With the intention of discovering new effective instrumental setups we can produce, recently we have been performing different acoustic experiments. Some of them were very, very hilarious and even scary, and will never be taken out in the public (!!) :¬D, while the other were more moderate and standard in the area of finer soundworks.

This was all and still is an unknown land to us. So how can you prepare for and achieve the unknown? Is this even a logical question? Well, I realized that sometimes all it takes is just to get started with it, and then see what happens next. Therefore in similar situations my advice would be just to take your best tools with you, dress up for the occasion, and just go with the flow of ideas around you. During these past few rehearsals our approach was to first get to the ending point of what we know, and then to see where IT has taken us next. Even though you can sometimes work with what you know and improve on it, other times you must follow the rules of no rule, and measure the results with a blank measuring tape. Why? We don’t know… yet.

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