I am currently in a very interesting phase of my life at the moment and have been doing things I have not done in a long  long time.  Namely, sitting down at the piano and rather than use it as a tuning fork for my voice, have actually been sitting down and playing it.  I’ve already started writing two songs (which will not be used for Druyd – the songs are too bland for our line up.  They’re more along the lines of Drake and Josh rather than Druyd!).  And I have stolen one very very special song from one very very special band.  The band being Druyd, the song being Magic Wood.

Some very extraordinary things have been taking shape from this humble, 88-keyed instrument.

I am now in the final phases of transcribing it from the didge and guitar onto the piano and it’s been a bit difficult to say the least.  But a fantastic learning experience.  I haven’t transcribed music since my uni days which were a loooong time ago.  In addition to that, I haven’t transcribed Magic Wood exactly as we Druyds play it.   I have changed some chords and rhythmic features – what are all the chords that sound good with A I asked myself?   How many types of 14/8 can there be?   So it’s been a somewhat creative process too.

And just sitting and playing at the piano reminded me of how I first fell head over heels in love with music.  If you don’t know the story already, you can read about it here.

Well, one day I might even pluck up the courage to play it to the boys and anyone else who cares to listen.  But for now, it’s just me and baby (a Roland HP 900 :))

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