Most every time I hear the starting lyrics of a love song, or even when I hear someone talk about a love song, because there’s simply too much generic garbage in the popular music on this topic, I get a bit repulsed, turn on my crap filter, and shut myself down to its influence not even wanting to hear about it… Actually, realizing it a bit further, I don’t quite get repulsed but maybe a little bit disappointed by the tireless trivializing of the subject. Somewhere I’ve realized there’s a real need to talk and sing about Love all the time, be it romantic, universal, or other, and I would guess that that’s why all the obvious 99% pop-crap sells – we just need to talk and hear about it too badly. But there are some extraordinarily love poems, of course, and I’d like to suggest a few lyrics for your reading material 🙂

1. First is a very honest and down to earth song. A love song by Tool, Schism.

2. The second is a true classic, light and popular. It hangs somewhere in the clouds, 3 Libras by A Perfect Circle.

3. The third abides in the broken and expanded time space continuum. Eating and Drinking, chapter VI, Kahlil Gibran. Not a tipical love song at all.

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  1. akustički džemat! dil?