A mysterious trip lies ahead of us, as we now chart and make the final adjustments to the route for our summer tour. Can you smell the good music already ? We can sure taste the French cheese with our inner tongues, but also will not neglect or ignore excellent Italian espressos or Slovenian wines !

5.8. FR Abbaye de Marbach, Obermorschwihr. The first merry (yes of course, Mary will be there) concert is near the the city of Strasbourg, on the Franch German border. You can expect romantic acoustics of an XXI. century French abbey combined with the German organizational punctuality – be there on time : ¬D

10.8. FR Chapelle Saint Jean, Mulhouse. Master Du will be holding a cosmic solo concert (what less (or more) can we expect from him : ¬D). This location is another historical monument, where the building stones can hear your every spoken word. Open yourself and become an ear.

12.8. FR Tribal Elek Festival, Poitou-Charentes. Visualize much tribal, dub, electro fusion and trance, many performers and artists, workshops, and good vibes ! An open invitation to all to experience this summer’s flow and social glow.

15.8. SI Kamfest, Kamnik. A big summer festival in the beautiful Slovenian town of Kamnik. Green hills and mountaintops, popular performers, our Slovenian friends and much fun for all.

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