An extraordinary concentration of events and occasions has passed during the recent period. This summer is now turning out to be a rather typical one — full of surprises and amazing discoveries !

Have you been blessed by the good winds in your life to take you to a place where you feel at home in every way ? We have recently returned from a trip to one of our homes, from the island Cres, and much love is alive and embodied there. We have spend a remarkable four days with our friends in the CI Eko-Center Beli. Their central work around protection and conservation of eurasian griffons, which have an exclusive habitat on Cres, has expanded during their work, just like the colorful wildlife there, they have grown into a harmonious co-existance to support the whole unique socio-ecological system, which is the island of Cres. We felt at home while honoring the living nature, learning about the larger picture of how animals, plants, people and spirits are interconnected there and everywhere. Learning about those precious connections and understanding them made us all richer. Our warmest Druydical recommendations to visit Eko-Centar Beli on Cres go to all adventurous travellers as well as those wishing to freak out at amazing beauty of nature, and seaside :¬D


But there’s even more awaiting to be shared. A mysterious trip lies ahead of us now, as we chart and make the final adjustments to the route for our summer tour. Read about it at this link

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  1. Cres looks and sounds amazing!! Thank you for an amazing share 🙂