This day is sunny, warm, and sweet – so easy to forget it’s mid October! It’s a very creative and busy period for us. Just as a change of seasons brings new activities, we are working to make everything ready for the beautiful forecoming rains, winds, and snows! Because do you know where it’s nicest to be during the freezingly cold times? Warm studios and rehersal rooms, of course!!! 🙂

BlackMary is updating our website and promo materials with many small recent details, and helping us prepare for our future concerting battle plans; she is acting as our executive manager these days, as she is finding new contacts and opportunities for Druyd! She is also preparing some exquisite workshops very soon to be published here. On this beautiful sunny day, Du and Da are preparing their almost finished straw-castle/mud-villa for its first Autumn rains. And Ur is working with his computer hobby and renewing his love for programming, and also preparing some rhythm workshops. Trying to balance left and right brain hemispheres has never been more fun! It is needed after completing his album – a post soon to be published.