A silent serenity fills our minds when we remember the recent travels through beloved France.. Once again we thank our dear friends for joining us there, hosting us, and making the concerts so memorable. And now we have here a few videos to share with you; these are from Druyd concert at Abbaye Marbach in June, where the lovely Ayse Aydin joined us readily on stage and performed some dance magic.

Right now Druyd members are in various locations. Dubravko has by now almost completed the summer-conquering-tour-quest-of-northern-Europe together with Danka. Be wise like little wise mice and catch him on some of the final shows and workshops on 13th and 14th. Mary is perfecting her guerilla busking skills, hidden somewhere on one of the incredilby beautiful Croatian islands. Rumors have it that she had given up talking alltogether and is now singing everything she has to say to anybody… xD And Ur is left alone in Zagreb, but not at all sad, very happy indeed, soldering away his summer days and youth, trying to put together a new bestial guitar sound by using the alchemy of electrical circuits. But all this is very confidential still.

Till next time our friends, stay very, very cool, especially during these amazing summer heats…



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  1. Dankasta says:

    Master Ur! I enjoy the words and sounds and warm breezes that you’ve sent us all the way across the continent… 🙂