Druyd just returned from Natibongo festival in Cividale del Friuli UD. The festival was a great success and a totally upbeat and eventful occasion! We were warmly welcomed by the visitors and our wonderful hosts and organizers, and master Du had a marvelous solo concert on the second day of the festival. The next day Druyd played an excellent show, and was followed by our organic tribal friends, the Airtist (www, FB, MyS) , filling our feet and bodies with energetic air tribal grooves, tirelessly (impossible not to dance to !). For those who do not yet know them, Airtist is a biodynamic trance project resonating on natural vibes of jew’s harp, human beatbox, and didge — a deffinitive recommendation.

After playing a lot and dancing a lot in that wonderful nature site of the festival, which is near the river Lesa where we had a good morning and a good bye swim, we all feel very refreshed by a wave of motivating energy. So, exchanging positive support with great people like this reminds me of a person who once worked with me, and who had a saying: “One plus one is not two; it is not three, it’s not even four. It is seven!”. With these multiplicative properties of our joined intentions , it makes me very appreciative to be around and with people who act and feel the same way.

Feel the positive vibes around you and enjoy the beautiful day!!

Here are some blogg-like photos from the festival. Photos from Druyd’s and Du’s concerts are soon to follow!

Martin and Da Before soundcheck Markus (Airtist) and Du
Soundcheck Du’s invention, the mailinglist box ! (went around the audience during the concert – thanks Chriss) Ur with sakuhachis and flutes
Mary receives earrings for a gift after the concert Dancing festival people Airtist
Airtist Caffe latte Italiano! Gianni with Druyd

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  1. Hi my friends, the festival was great, Druyd epic and Dù solo deep and magic. Hope to see you soon…..Gianni.