Please take notice that the following post features some highly experimental materials, in general, and maybe a bit provoking. Only continue if you are ready to have your views challenged. In the end some might say that this was written by a lunatic… Be warned !

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I am very excited to be writing this post, because we bring you some wonderful new materials we have been working on lately. I would say Druyd has definitely entered a new stage in our work and I believe these new songs will be some of our best materials yet ! Even though this is just a very small preview, we would love to hear from you, and what you think about it.

I open this presentation with a guitar line I have been working on very hard. This is a complete recording of a new composition, but the sound will still need a lot of work. The guys in Druyd were very happy with the lyrical qualities brought out in this piece. We shall probably compose it further into a new Druyd song. We shall see.

Guitar recording

Next is a really big new vocal piece which Mary delivers by using completely new voice techniques. Some of you who haven’t heard us live lately, will definitely be able to appreciate her professional progress, evolving onto a level in which she is able to express new vocal elements like this, in such a wonderful and artistic way. This is a long track, and good for relaxed, meditative listening.

Voice recording session

Now for a small fragment of master Du’s wonderful musicianship. This incredibly powerful new piece has some extraordinary effects and quite astonishing connotations. Some might argue that here Du has taken a somewhat minimalist approach in communicating his musical idea, but I would personally say that it is just a matter of context.

Didgeridoo recording

And lastly, here is a small recording from our today’s rehearsal. It is just a fragment of a much longer song, but it excellently captures the essence of the sound. We are still searching for the title, though.

Druyd multichannel

And, the most important thing left to say is — thank you for your incredible patience, and thank you for your wonderful sense of humour.
Belive it or not, there will soon be even more materials from us – very soon !!
Much love and kind greets !!!
Yours crazily,


  1. DidgeriJoe says:

    Greetings from New York!

    I love your sounds. They open me to new places.

    Just wanted to mention that my sound clips are only 1 or 2 seconds each. I dont know if this is intentional, or an error through the website. I thought i’d bring it to your attention just in case.

    Keep up the beautiful work. I have been anticipating an new album for many many months, and i will surely be one of the first to listen when it is released. Thank you for your contribution to music! 🙂

  2. sorry, it`s to short to say, wow

  3. Dear friends thank you so much for your feedbacks, we appreciate it immeasurably !! But I have a little confession to make — since April Fools Day is slowly getting near, I have actually used this post to start practicing my practical mischiefs, and spread around some humour, laughter, and fun ! So, yes, these clips are a humorous mockery. But since I’ve so far mostly managed just to spread some confusion, I’ll admit my sense of humor still needs some polishing. On the rough edges, at least. It’s a good thing I’ve started practicing this early… Thanks for your high spirits, and as I said patience 😉