A few days ago, my dear Mya-Myrtle celebrated her 1st birthday (you can see pictures of her conception and birth here).  And in this year that we have been together I have learnt so many things – that a fantastic sounding instrument will give you at least 1000 times more motivation to practice than a poor sounding one, that if you practice enough you can actually learn how to play an E chord or anything else no matter how it impossible it seemed when you first starting playing, that happiness is not a warm gun but a warm ukulele and most importantly, when someone asks you whether you have a low or high G-string you don’t take offense.

And that led me to the following list I found on the net from a fellow ukulele player as to why ukuleles are better than women:

1. My Ukulele doesn’t mind if I don’t want to play for a few weeks then want to play all night every night for a few weeks.

2. I can compare my Ukulele to any other Ukulele without upsetting it

3. My Ukulele doesn’t mind how much beer I drink

4. I can put my Ukulele down anytime!!

5. I don’t have to keep telling my Ukulele I love it (it knows anyway)

6. My Ukulele doesn’t get upset if I try out another man’s Ukulele

7. My Ukulele understands that sometimes I just want to watch the telly instead

8. My Ukulele has never once wanted me to go shopping

9. My Ukulele never complains when I leave the toilet seat up

10. My Ukulele doesn’t moan if I take it to the pub then ignore it all night.

Which in turn led me to write my own list as to why ukuleles are better than men:

1.  I can play my ukulele during that time of the month

2.  My ukulele doesn’t mind if I gain a bit of weight

3.  I can play my ukulele as little or as much as I like

4.  I can play my ukulele in front of my friends

5.  My ukulele doesn’t care what size my boobs are

6.  I can take my ukulele anywhere, from a soppy movie to a shopping mall, and it doesn’t complain

7.  I can look at and comment on other ukuleles and it won’t get jealous

8.  My ukulele never leaves the seat up

9.  My ukulele will never leave me for another woman

10. I can safely play my ukulele without getting pregnant

Happy ukeing y’all! 🙂


  1. you wrote:

    ….that a fantastic sounding instrument will give you at least 1000 times more motivation to practice than a poor sounding one,….

    good motivation for every didge-player to think about buying an Duende-didgeridoo….

    :-)….hope to see Druyd, DUUR-Druyd, Du somewhere somehow….


  2. BlackMary says:

    Haha, yes, it is very good motivation to buy a Duende didgeridoo 🙂

    Happy playing, peace and love right back at you,