The process of art is by a definition a progressive flowering of energy spontaneously led by the honesty of the artist, regardless weather exposing personal strength or weakness, weather resulting in a motion of elegance or repulsion, weather invoking a sense of connection or an appetite for destruction, and weather being a result of unsummable hours of preparation or just a split instance of action. The folded dimensions of our own inspiration are countless, and a clearly tuned and well timed idea being shared has a potential to trigger a chained reaction of unimaginable consequences. A contemplation on intangible properties of human expressions directly points to the non material, or so to say psychological or spiritual motivation where as the result of communication between the transmitter and the receiver, symbols get perceived which combine and cause metachemical reactions which bring forward newly forged elements of meaning and experience.

At the surface of the unbelievably balanced environment in which we live and abide and perceive as our daily reality, we bow to huge infallible laws governing this awesome machinery of being surrounding us, and right in the midst of our situation pulses a spark of perception and clarity in the field of our attention, combustible with the recognition of inspiration, expression, meaning, and aspiration. The work of art touches precisely on that field of our dwelling which almost seems like it is not embedded in the dense firmness of material things, not even those we regard as living, such as our bodies, or those more fluent ones, like water, clouds, or plants.

Following the breadcrumbs trail of the artist’s messages, written words, carved objects, and devoted time, these fruits of artistic exploration anchor the escaping ideas to our firmly stationed molds, and provide us a guiding line to follow toward the experience of revelation and new vision. To dare in art can never be a formal path, but a road of discovery and provocation, of anticipation and also faith. To underappreciate or deny or forget its potential, is to deny the value of our highest possibilities. The unknown potential of transfer and creation is one which consciously sets in motion its environment together with its specific growth elements, and then binds them by presuming its interests towards a method of examination and redemption, necessarily itself being one with the root of the unknown subconscious essence┬áto eventually pertain to the phase of blossoming which we cherish so dearly.