It is not common that an artist writes his mirror review but this is exactly what I’ll do. To make the confusion constant fusion and to make misunderstanding Miss Understanding. This is how the story went that day in KSET.
It all started on time. Which already pointed that something was wrong. Du and Ur  were not wearing pijamas. What a waste of pijama wearing talent! Still, there was some other magic going on. Before the concert started these two guys seemed like possessed. Du by an autistic ghost and Ur by a Texas-Zagorje loud ghost. Funnily no-one commented on this peculiarity.

The concert started and some people noticed Du was playing guitar and Ur is playing didgeridoo. Maybe not so strange you might say, but regarding the fact Du never played guitar in his life and Ur can do some moderately nice sounds on didgeridoo when he tries… it could be called a sort of funny strangeness. It was a horrifying experiment actually. With recent drop of interest in quality this was an experiment if anyone will even notice the change. Maybe it was difficult to notice as these guys on stage were barely noticable as they chose the most stupid places to place their positions. One behind the drums and on the only entrance to stage. And the other behind everything. Imagine playing from the bottom drawer of your closet. Still the sound was revealing truly experimental nature of the event. What if two rather musical lads chose an instrument they cannot cope with? Well… to Duur it seemed they deserve compost throwing and empty bottles. But the audience was too nice and Duur even got a small applause. Oh, what a missed opportunity to throw compost!!
Then there was the change and the two suspiciously hairy guys took their well known instruments and did the best they could.. and honestly… they didn’t find the golden line that night. It happens when your playing is truly improvisational and your life is truly improvisation that some nights you find the golden line and some nights you don’t. But even without golden line it was fine. The balance was brought also by Eventide H8000 that sometimes played harmonies of overtones and symphonies of distortion over Duur. But funnily again no-one commented on that horrifying experiment!

In conclusion I would say that Duur needs to do some psycho ninja magic training… and audience should too! In my perspective musicians should be trained hunters for the notes and beats that breathe in the moment. So well trained to smell the trace of senseless beauty and follow it till the end. Music and Sound wrapped up in Cosmic Whirlwind that in magic unfolds fresh and newborn in all the creative brutality… And audience… audience should also train… throwing compost when musicians try to trick them… and well… showing tits when they play well. This is just a suggestion. Maybe then we could reduce the price for the titckets! I hope you enjoyed my review. I will write no more.
Mrmbahijel Žrbapupbludapčić