So this is what my guitar practice looks like for the past few weeks!

After having built in those sweet new pickups within the 12 string guitar, the next step is to now tune up that sound. Next I am making those passive electronics into active, with preamps for super sweet sound clarity. Besides from providing more gain, frequencies, and total sweetness, I will be able to balance out the sounds of individual pickups. I will explain that in the upcoming posts.

A master sheppard of electrons (aka electronic engineer) by the name of mr. Nu, took a key part in this project, by generously pouring his inexpicable love for audio electronic equipment into numerous schematics, and a true gift of a one-on-one four days intensive workshop of introduction to analogue audio circuit design. Ultimate thanks to you, master Nu!

Just as there is no life without the Sun, there is no life in preams without the electricity. Here is the power supply built in a super tiny format. Super cute result! And since the preamps are already built, the next step is connecting it all together.

So, (tune your guitars, and always) stay tuned!