And so it was one Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago that the Druyds gathered together in the Druydmobile to take a road trip to the lovely town of Split to Klub Kocka for a concert.

The weather was incredibly warm, especially looking back now when the weather has plummeted to 0 – it felt more like April than November.  We vowed to have a swim the next day.
I don’t know how many of you have been to Split.  Not only is the city itself beautiful in architecture, landscape and people, the trip there is also gorgeous, passing by the national parks Paklenica and Krka Lakes, the scenery is magnificent and awe inspiring.
We arrived in Split a little later than expected as we had some car troubles and had to stop and start again every so often.  But we eventually arrived.  Finding the entrance to the club, which is very new, presented a challenge but a police officer quickly helped us find our way.  The club is run by an enthusiastic group of nice young people who warmly welcomed us and helped us set up.
As always, there were issues during the sound check, but we’re more than used to that now.  Dud didn’t realise how late the concert was supposed to start (doors opened at 10 pm!) but thankfully, we had beds in the club where we could crash out before the concert.  After all, we’re not spring chickens anymore!
11 pm came around, then 11:30, but the guys who run the club said to wait a bit longer so the club could fill up.  Then midnight came and they told us to start the show – to an audience of 39 people!  No matter – in the words of Freddie, the show must go on.  And on it did go!
After the show, we packed up and sucked on a few cold ones, Grimbergen no less.  I don’t know about the rest of the gang, but I was personally so knackered that I fell asleep as soon as I hit the pillow, which was at around 4:30 am!
Wake up call at 8:30 am to record some songs for a promo video for the club and ourselves.  I don’t know how we did it!  The magic of coffee, I guess.  Or maybe a few coffees… Before taping, Dud asked me which songs were the simplest and I answered as truthfully as possible – none!
And after all our hard work, we treated ourselves to a swim.  That’s the Druyd life 🙂 Thanks Klub Kocka for happy days! 🙂
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