Recently, a photo came up as a memory on my Facebook account and it literally made me laugh out loud. This is the photo:

It was taken seven years ago in Karlovac City Library and can be thought of as a historical moment – the first time the Druyds performed together, even though we weren’t quite yet the Druyds you know today. Yr, Druyd’s first guitarist, and I were helping Dud promote his CD “Kosmopterix” as we both had “cameo” songs on the CD. And Karlovac was our first “cameo” performance.

The trip to Karlovac was quite a memorable one. For one thing, we were pulled over by the police and searched for drugs! This was my first road trip with the “Druyds” and it would take me a while to grow accustomed to the road trips that I now know and love so well. The basic drill is take as little as possible and be prepared to be questioned ad infinitum by Dud about absolutely all aspects of your life, and by all aspects, I mean ALL aspects, from how your bowel movement is to what your sex life is like. Oh, and yes, there always has to be a road trip song to make every road trip unique and memorable. “Pere a, pere b, pere cijelu abecedu” is one that comes to mind immediately, made up by Dud on the way to Ibort 😀

Both boys had had a lot of experience performing, Yr had even been part of the successful Croatian group Pips, Chips and Videoclips, and were quite at ease performing. As for me, my knees couldn’t stop shaking from stage fright. I could hardly stand up they were shaking so bad! That would change with time too and now I usually can’t wait to get up on stage to perform before a live audience. There’s really nothing quite like the real connection between us and our audience…

Yes, a lot has changed in those seven years, I would say most especially me. I’ve got a few extra grey hairs, a bigger behind, many more wrinkles, but more than that, something inside has changed. I look at this photo and can’t recognise the Mary in it. That Mary hadn’t had concerts in Forlimpopoli, Ibort, Airvault and hundreds of other places yet. That Mary hadn’t felt the magic of having her feet walk the Camino de Santiago. That Mary was still learning what was important in life and what she really wanted out of it all. This Mary still has a long way to go. But looking at that photo from Karlovac made me realise how far this Mary has already come.