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At our hands we have now an exploration of ethnic timbres that build a whole, but the one element that arise above all is the throbbing swirl of the didgeridoo. In the unholy alliance of voice, strings and ‘the doo’, spiced with various odd percussion and melodica, comes heavy wood music that is to bridge the gap between ourselves and the universe.

The music is at times meditative and earthly but also dives into fierce violent swirls with pulsating stabs from the didgeridoo and the hammering of the acoustic guitar.

The serene female vocals are like ones of a nymph. She drugs you, makes you crave for more and makes you her own. But when her silence washes over you are left feeling cold.

This combination of elements that is Druyd, is all you need on a hot summer day while being one with nature. Warm sounds cover you like a whip of honey you just wait to be licked of, but when the spell is over you find a craving for something more. When the last drone from the didgeridoo has died away, the silence must be replaced by heavier sounds.

Druyd provides the soundtrack of love and the making. The ultimate soundscape for the beautiful sunny days.

Kenneth K.

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